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Current state of affairs
18th Feb 2015 · OWNERItaly08 · 6 Comments

For those of you that I haven't spoken with this is what's going on.  Jathan has left in truly dramatic fashion and has shut down the server despite the hard work others besides him have put into it.  It seems that he feels he can do as he pleases despite the fact that he isn't the only one paying for or doing the work.  In fact he has done very little (Whiskey and Bourbon have done literally 99.9%).

So what happens to and the community?  I'll be 100% honest here this depends on you guys.  Due to my current situation I can't afford to pay 100% of the server costs myself.  If we want to have our own server we will need to come together and pitch in.

If nobody is willing to help with server costs that's fine can live on.  I will keep the website and the teamspeak up for people who wish to remain here and help build up what could be a great community.

I would like to personally apologize to everyone for this.  Had I known Jathan would act so immaturely I would had things in my name instead of his.  

KNIFE!!! Starstreak is gonna hate me
17th Feb 2015 · OWNERItaly08 · 2 Comments

For those of you who weren't here for it


Thank you elektro for the donation of the case!  Sorry starstreak I got a knife MUHAHAHAHHAHAAA

New Teamspeak IP
16th Feb 2015 · ADanny · 0 Comments

We have currently switched Teamspeak providers and you can now connect to the Teamspeak by using this ip:

HotFix for "Jack and Coke" Update
14th Feb 2015 · Bourbon · 0 Comments

Hotfix for "Jack and Coke"
-[Fixed] Gang hideouts not capturable
-Cannabis and Lockpicks added as illegal Items
-Server not soft restarts once ever 6 hours and hard restarts every day at 8am Central Time
-[Fixed] Error that occurred with map markers with not in a gang (Not noticable in game)

Update 2.1 "Jack and Coke"
13th Feb 2015 · Whiskey · 1 Comments

We've added a ton of new features, here's a basic rundown.


ORION GAMING ALTIS LIFE v2.1 “Jack and Coke”

Revamped Gang System and temporary groups

     -Gangs no longer put you in the same group

     -Gangs now have officers who can invite new players

     -Temp Group system that allows joining a group with any player on the server

     -Temp Groups don’t cost any money to create

     -Player remains in the same group until they logout or leave it

Condensed Iron / Copper into LOW/MED/HIGH Return Mines

     -LOW yields sand, salt, copper and iron 

     -MED yields mostly copper and some iron

     -HIGH yields copper and iron

Condensed Peaches / Apples into “Fruit Fields”

Added Starfruit to Fruit Fields

Added Flawless Diamonds to Diamond Mines

Added Alcohol: Bourbon, Whiskey, Moonshine

     -Bourbon: yeast, corn, purified water

     -Whiskey: yeast, wheat, purified water

     -Moonshine: yeast, cornmeal, purified water

Added Drug Effects and Blood Alcohol Content

     -Marijuana, Heroin, and Meth usable drugs

     -BAC mechanic introduced

     -Moonshine, Bourbon and Whiskey drinkable

     -Can pass out after a high enough BAC

Added teargas to cops and rebels

Added rebel spawns at North and South

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