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- A friendly environment where fun is the main priority.

- Competative play in clan wars.

- 3 Public gameservers.

- 1 Private gameserver.

- 1 Teamspeak server and a discort server for a friendly chat.

- Communication through our whatsapp group.

- An updated website so you're updated with all recent news.

- The ability to promote to higher ranks for good attitube and activity.

- The ability to have multiple ranks like recruiter, war planner, ...

- Personal signatures and more graphics.

- An interactive forum where you are able to win awards and points.


1. You are 16 years old or over.

2. You can speak and understand English.

3. You have a microphone/headset and willing to use/install TeamSpeak on your computer.

4. You respect other players.

5. You respect admins for any choice they make.

6. You don't use insulting names, language, etc.

7. You will act mature in every situation.

8. You should visit the site on a regular base, for keeping up-to-date with the community.

9. You need to be active for at least 1-2 hours a day.

10. You will not use any noob perks (Grenade Launcher,Last Stand, Martyrdom, RPG on people,allowed on helicopters.).

11. No hacking or cheating of any kind.


If you accepted the above rules and still want to join our clan, you need to fill out the recruitment form below. You can do this by adding a new topic HERE, call the topic "Apply [YourName]", paste the recruitment form below in the message section and fill it out.


Each and every member of our community will have a chance to vote on your application , however the final decision is taken by the founders.


Contact Information:

Real name:



GameRanger #ID (Numbers):

Game Information:

In-Game Nickname:

Previous Nicknames (If you had):

COD4 Experience (Years,best killstreak,...):

Do you have an original CD-Key (Yes/No):

How many hours can you be online daily:

Are you used to play clan wars?:

Which game(s) do you play besides CoD4?:

Personal Information:

Why do you want to join OrioN?:

What new things can you bring to our community?:

Previous clans and reason for leaving:

How did you find us? (Server, Player, Facebook,...):

Do you have TeamSpeak3 and able to use it?:

Do you have MOSS installed and working?:

Are you a student or do you have a job? or both?:

Additional information(optional):


Fill out this form honestly cause if we spot you lied, you have no place in OrioN.

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