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Explanation Tag users by @Username

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Tutorial Explanation Tag users by @Username

Post by HoeGy on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:29 pm

Hey guys,

I've enable an option which makes you able to tag user(s) withing your post so they will get a notification about your post.

First of all you need to know i've added a Toolbar at the right top of the website for each user. This toolbar will notify you when you are tagged within a post.

What you need to do:

Type @[nameofuser] in the message field about the user or users you want to contact, and add the message you want them to see beneath it and hit SEND.

The message will display like this.

The tagged person will get a notification in his toolbar.

When he clicks the "notification" tab.


- If you have a username with a space or special characters, you must add " " After the @ and at the end of the name ( See Example Code Below )


@"test test"




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